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Year 5

Year 5 Mulberry  – Miss Hampton & Miss Ridley 

Year 5 Sycamore – Mrs Butterworth

Year 5 Support – Mrs Wetherley

Autumn – History Focus

Ancient Egypt

To start their Year 5 adventure, the children will be learning all about the ancient Egyptian civilization. They will travel back 5000 years and learn all about mummies, pyramids and the gods as we focus on the ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.

Disposing of the brain, removing organs and wrapping the body in linen – all steps involved with the procedure of mummification. We will be writing our own set of instructions to help anyone become an expert in the art of mummifying a body.

Just like the famous archaeologist, Howard Carter, the children will explore the intricacies of the pyramids. Through enquiry and child-led exploration, the children will investigate and discover how the Egyptians managed to build such magnificent structures.

Anubis, Horus and Ra are just some of the names with which the children will become familiar as they delve into the realms of the ancient Egyptian gods. They will use information texts and internet sources to research the gods and learn all about the Egyptian beliefs.

We know the children will enjoy their learning journey along the banks of the River Nile!

Off with her Head!

After the half term, we will be transported to the 1500s when the terrible Tudors reigned. From Henry VII to Elizabeth I, the children will uncover the truths of the menacing monarchy that ruled throughout the Tudor period.

Children will try not to get their heads chopped off as they learn all about the infamous Henry VIII and his six wives. Through the use of research, note-taking and presentations, the children will become experts in the lives (and deaths) of each wife.

There was nothing the Tudor monarchs loved more than having their portraits painted. During art lessons, the children will use line drawings to create self-portraits in the style of a Tudor monarch.

To consolidate their history-based skills, children will be applying their knowledge of chronology by creating Tudor timelines. They will also experience life a real historian when they judge and evaluate a range of sources of evidence.

Spring – Geography Focus

Eco Warriors

At the beginning of the spring term, we will turn our attentions to the geography of our environment and the children will become eco warriors. Within this topic, children will be thinking about and investigating how humans are affecting their environments. Our geography lessons will allow us to explore maps in various ways and children will develop their skills in map-reading. These skills will enable children to look at changes in how the land is being used and developed by human activity.

Through discussions and debates, children will form and express opinions on sustaining our environments and the best ways to do this. In particular, children will be investigating the issue of deforestation. They will link this to their English work when they write to persuade readers about the importance of sustainability.

In art lessons, children will be creating collages linked to the rainforests and their music lessons will allow them to create a “Rubbish Band” using recycled household materials.

Wild Weather

Grab your umbrellas, dig out your wellies and find the sun cream! From howling winds to scorching heat waves, this unit will focus on the world weather patterns and climate zones. Children will be able to research and discover some of the most unbelievable weather phenomena to have hit our planet. Children will be given the opportunity to channel their inner-meteorologist when preparing and presenting their own weather forecasts. Using their wild imaginations, children will write a first-hand account of being trapped in a wild weather disaster.

Art lessons will give children the chance to explore colour mixing and will encourage them to think about representing different temperatures with different colours.

Combining music and DT, the children will make their very own wind chimes, which will help alert us to any wild winds heading our way!

Summer – Art and DT Focus


One small step for man, one giant leap for Year 5! We will spend our summer term blasting off into space and will be learning all about the planets of the solar system through some exciting and unique experiences. Through the medium of papier mache, the children will recreate the solar system in our classrooms by making models of the planets.

Using amazing technology and scientific investigation, we will be embarking on the greatest adventure through space; are we alone or are there other life forms out there? In science lessons, children will become experts on the Earth, Sun and Moon. They will be able to explain why we have day and night, why we have seasons and why we have different time zones.

Neil Armstrong and Isaac Newton will be just two of the famous figures children will study linked to their work on space.

We will be exploring the work of Peter Thorpe, who created some engaging and exciting art work linked to outer space. Children will be analysing and evaluating his work before creating their own pieces in a similar style. Our budding astronauts will attempt to create their own satellite models using their understanding of electrical systems.

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