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Online Safety

The internet has become part of our everyday lives and we spend more time online than ever before. It is a fantastic resource which enables us to connect and communicate with others in a variety of ways.  However, along with the many advantages, using the internet can also have risks and children need to be taught how to stay safe whilst online.

Technology is constantly changing but even if you’re unfamiliar with the latest technology, talk to you child about their internet use and what they do when they are online.

“Technology and the internet are part of our daily lives. It’s almost impossible for our children to avoid coming into contact with the online world. From social media apps to messaging services to online gaming, it’s important that we, as trusted adults, help to protect them from harm. It is just as important that they too know how to respond to online dangers. “

Ref accessed online on 7.2.2020

National online have created a guide for children to help them to make the right decisions when accessing the online world. Please follow the link here and share this information with your child.

Link -

As more of our children now own their own smart phones, here is a useful guide about how to protect your child on their smart phone.

Internet Safety Day

Internet Safety Day was on Tuesday 11th February 2020, follow the link below for tips, activities for your child and to take the Safer Internet Day 2020 Quiz!

Throughout the week at school, the pupils took part in online safety activities. 

Important Information


#DITTO is a free online safety (e-safety) magazine for schools, organisations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology. A new edition is released approx. every 6 weeks. Please follow the link below

Download Magazine


Below is a list of useful websites providing information on online and Social Media safety.

If you are concerned about content that is being accessed or received online, make a report to CEOP, following the link below.

Think You Know
Childnet International
Get Safe Online
Net Aware
YouTube Restrictive Mode There has been a big increase in children using You Tube to watch videos. Some videos are suitable for children but there is a lot of inappropriate content. This link explains how to set up restricted mode on You Tube.
Know IT All
Internet Matters

Middlesbrough Domestic Violence and Abuse Services


Web Application Guides

Online ApplicationGuide
The App StoreView
Tik TokView
What Children Need to Know About Online BullyingView
Zoom Parental GuideView

If you have any concerns regarding E-Safety or would like some advice on how to keep you child safe online, please do not hesitate to contact school. 

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